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Micro-V Dry Air Filter

Micro-V Dry Air Filter 
Among these we offer Micro-V Dry Air Filter These have been specially designed to meet the requirement of clean air in general ventilation and air conditioning system in Hospitals, Synthetic fiber industries and compressor applications.


The heart of the filters is a reinforced washable synthetic non-woven filter media/fire retardant glass fiber media pleated in a format along with the support of wire/HDPE netting. The mediums are carefully selected to offer the best possible performance to suit the specific need. In order to obtain uniformity of dust loading the filter pleats are kept apart by means of aluminium separators.


The media is a special synthetic non-woven bounded fiber designed to give high efficiency and long service life. It is pressed in the form of a fabric and given special treatment which prevents fungus growth. An alternative media in superior felt is also available, which gives long run trouble free services, and economical in usage.


  • Efficiency : 99.9% down to 5 microns
  • Pressure drop : 6.5 mm of wg. At rated flow
  • Frame : Galvanized steel sheet/MS/ Aluminium/ stainless steels sheet
  • Finish : Painted/ powder coated
  • Filter media : Synthetic Non-woven filter media supported with HDPE mesh and Gl/aluminium Expanded mesh
  • Media : Pleated
  • Sealant : Available
  • Type : Box type / Flange type

Specifications of Standard Models

Model No.

Nominal Dimension Millimeters Inches

Rated Capacity @ 6.5 WG M3 / Hr CFM

App. Wt. (Kg.)

DP - 6001






DP - 6002






DP - 6003






DP - 6004






DP - 6005






DP - 6006






DP - 6007







FCU Filter

The FCU Filter is available in SS/AL frame and down upto 10 micron and 90% efficiency. In thickness 10 12 15 18 20 and 25 range available. The range is checked on stringent quality parameters to ensure good filtration efficiency temperature resistance and longer service life.

Product information – Standard sizes

Sl. No.

Dimensions (MM)

Rated Air Flow Capacity(CMH)

Initial Resistance (MM of WC)

(HXWXD) @ 1.52 M/Sec @2.54 M/Sec @ 1.52 M/Sec @ 2.54 M/Sec
1 610X610X25 2040 3400 1.7 2.8
2 305X305X25 1020 1700 1.7 2.8
3 305X305X25 510 850 1.7 2.8
4 610X610X50 2040 3400 1.7 2.8
5 305X610X50 1020 1700 1.7 2.8
6 305X350X50 510 850 1.7 2.8

Other Information

  • • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

  • HDPE Pleated Rod Type Pre Filter


    HDPE Pleated Rod Type Pre Filter

    Construction: are made from high quality synthetic non-woven media, supported by a fine HDPE media on both sides. Media is then housed inside an extruded aluminium frame.


    Efficiency Standard HDPE pleated type filters have an efficiency of 90% for 10 micron size particles. Pre filters with an efficiency rating of 80 to 90% to capture 10 micron to 25 micron size particles are also available on order.
    Filtration Class Filter grades G3, G4, F5 of EN779, ASHRAE 52.2 equivalent MERV 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Eurovent EU3, EU4 and EU5 are available
    Frame Type Available in flange or box type
    Frame Material Standard model is constructed in Galvanized steel. Other models with Aluminium Anodized/Stainless steel frame with or without powder coating are also available on order.
    Filter Media HDPE and non-woven synthetic.
    Gasket No Gasket is installed in standard filter model. Non-woven syntheti/Rubber gasket can be ordered on request
    Separators None
    Sealant PU based epoxy
    Face Guard No face guard with standard model is supplied. On order/request filter can be protected with expanded mesh on both sides
    Nominal Depth Depth size is available from 1.0 inches to 6 inches (Pre HDPE Pleated and rod type)
    Sizes Standard size of the filter is 610 x 610 x 50mm in box or flange type. Other sizes are build on order.
    Pressure Drop Initial pressure drop ~2.5mm WG and recommended final pressure drop is 5-10mm WG
    Operating Conditions Filter can withstand temperature up to 80ºC and relative humidity of 100% at 0 condensation. Filter is washable or can be cleaned by applying air pressure and reused.
    Application Athlete Pre filters are most suited for:
      Air Handling Units (AHUs), Air-conditioning systems, Power Plants, Chemical and Fertilizer complexes, Green Houses, Automatic Drain Holes, Paint Shops, Textile Mills, Cement Factories, Laminar Air Flow Units, Biosafety Hoods, Fan Filter Units (FFU), Gas Turbine Industry, Compressor, Diesel Engines, Nuclear Power Station, CD-Rom Production Industry, Picture Tube Production Industry, Semi-conductor Industry, Aeronautical Industry and Miscellaneous Industrial Ventilation. 

    Air Conditioning Filter

    Highly efficient electrostatic filtering material attracts dust and pollen like a magnet. Captures microscopic airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacterial and the particles that carry virus. 
    A merv 1 rating requires a 65% to 80% efficiency on 1-3 micron particles and greater than 85% efficiency 3-10 micron particles, when tested in accordance with ashrae test standard 52. 2 bright star cooler meets and exceeds these requirements. 

    Features :-

    • Permanent, washable furnace and air conditioner filters
    • It is foamless, non-clogging, and has no harmful ozone emissions
    • Attracts airborne particles to protect your heating and cooling system
    • Keeps your heating or air conditioning system coils cleaner which can save up to 15% on your energy bills.